Saturday, March 19, 2011

March snow

There was some snow on the ground on Friday morning. By noon, it was gone.

Snowshoe Adventure

Snowshoeing on March 12th up Jones Pass

snow cat


my snowshoes
also I saw storm troopers in a st patricks day parade

Endomondo Hiking Workout: "was out hiking 2.27 miles in 1h:57m:25s using Endomondo."

Biking around an industrial area.

Today I ecided to go for a bike ride. First I wanted to see if there was a good way I could bike to work, but then I shifted to exploring wareouse areas, landmarks, and lightrail construction.
Looks like where the lightrail witch will be installed

Camp Weld Placard - at 8th and Vallejo St, Denver

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Sunday, January 03, 2010

A day in the mountains

Headed up to the mountains with Jen yesterday. She apparently hadn't been up there yet even though she has been in Denver for over a year.

Our mission was to find mammals. Specifically we were "hunting" bison (buffalo), elk, and mountain sheep (rams). First stop, the Buffalo viewing area, and there were plenty of bison there as hay had been put out to feed them. They're captive though so that wasn't the most impressive thing. She was pretty happy about it though. Then on to Evergreen to the elk reserve area, none there. Then to Echo Lake, full of snow shoe-ers. Then to Georgetown. We didn't see any sheep at the sheep viewing area, but we did see the Georgetown Ice Races.

After that we had some burgers in town and headed home. Inidentally I was upset to find that the Red Ram restaurant is now closed, but the Raven Hill Mining Company Restaurant (next door) was pretty tasty and made a mean very rare cheeseburger. Unfortunately the ambiance seems much more fake.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hiking is perilous

Hiking is perilous
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Went hiking yesterday at the top of Mt Evans. Hiking might be a stretch because I drove up the mountain, but there is that last 100 feet of elevation or so, which I promptly jumped off of. Got some silly pictures. My brother Donald came with me, which is good, because he rarely gets out of the house.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Boulder Second Fridays

I'm heading to Boulder Seconds Fridays - a showing of Boulder artists and work studios, but don't seem to see anything on the web about it, so I'll just paste some info about it here.

from Colorado-BM listserv:
Our regularly scheduled Second Fridays event will be happening this Friday, the 10th, in Boulder at the Phoenix Asylum (2510 47th St., Unit D/DD--Same building as Alpine Sports and around to the right) BurnWorks. (you know where it is--right next to The Asylum).


Monthly Art Showing in the spirit of First Fridays.

Come check out art from the Phoenix Asylum Inmates, BurnWorks crew and other local artists! Connect with community and friends. Bring your checkbook in case you LOVE something and just must have it.

This is a FREE event (donations to BurnWorks and Phoenix Asylum are always appreciated.) Donation beer/wine bar for those over 21.

If you are an artist and wish to DISPLAY or PERFORM art, please contact the following. Regular hours for artist set-up are April 9 from 6-10 at the Asylum:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wheels of decay

Wheels of decay
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I haven't made up my mind about the use of photoshop and other techniques to alter photos. Usually I just like the original photography. But, I've been messing around with HDR a bit and now I've gone and let one of my photos be processed with a texture layer. Oh my goodness. Am I officially a flickr whore? Probably.

what do you think? Is it much better this way?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

diy cable release

pentax k100d super

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Sunday, January 11, 2009


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I've been messing around with HDR photography. I don't like things to be too surreal, but some of it is cool.

Erik and I went exploring in the plains of Northern Colorado and came across a retired man name Leo that had 45 tractors in his yard. This is one of them.

We also explored the nearby town of Dearfield, which used to be an African American "colony".,_Colorado

Incidentally we made an interesting discovery that a number of county roads are now private roads and you can be charged with trespassing for driving on them. This is disturbing to me. In this area the roads are apparently owned my Anschutz.
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