Sunday, June 03, 2007

Things I accomplished this weekend

I've been feeling like I haven't accomplished much, so let's see what I did this weekend:
didn't take any photos though

did some shopping, bought new additions for herb garden
barbecued some burgers
something else I think
passed out too tired

planted herb garden on balcony
cleaned bbq grill and balcony a bit
worked on motorcyle - didn't fix much
sent out some ebay sales
helped BJ move
rode around downtown people - boring
watched Pan's Labyrinth - good underworld not really scare mystical movie with a fawn, fairies, and fascists

rode motorcycle in canyon up highway 74
paid back garth for helping me move by taking him to restaurant in evergreen
bought new gps - garmin etrex vista cx to replace etrex legend - has micro sd slot
watched the omen
edited some pictures for flickr of trip to st. elmo, anges vail falls, romley but need to use photoshop cs3 to hdr some other photos before I put them on flickr - picture
did laundry
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