Sunday, January 03, 2010

A day in the mountains

Headed up to the mountains with Jen yesterday. She apparently hadn't been up there yet even though she has been in Denver for over a year.

Our mission was to find mammals. Specifically we were "hunting" bison (buffalo), elk, and mountain sheep (rams). First stop, the Buffalo viewing area, and there were plenty of bison there as hay had been put out to feed them. They're captive though so that wasn't the most impressive thing. She was pretty happy about it though. Then on to Evergreen to the elk reserve area, none there. Then to Echo Lake, full of snow shoe-ers. Then to Georgetown. We didn't see any sheep at the sheep viewing area, but we did see the Georgetown Ice Races.

After that we had some burgers in town and headed home. Inidentally I was upset to find that the Red Ram restaurant is now closed, but the Raven Hill Mining Company Restaurant (next door) was pretty tasty and made a mean very rare cheeseburger. Unfortunately the ambiance seems much more fake.
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