Sunday, March 23, 2008

World Pillow Fight Day - Easter Bunny Pummeling

World Pillow Fight Day
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The cacophony society hosted Denver's pillow fight for world pillow fight day. They usually host zombie jesus and easter bunny day but got a little surprised by the early easter this year, so combined the pillow fight with easter bunnies. Without the zombie jesii it must have appeared a more civil and faith based event, because it got on the cover of the Denver Post (at least the online edition) on an article about being faithful and celebrating easter early in the year.

For more on Denver's Cacophony Society see their page:

And yes, the Denver Post misspelled cacophony.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Holly and her Fireman

Holly and her Fireman
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Holly has a thing for fire fighters. Yesterday we had a fire alarm and she got to get her picture taken with one, by me.

Go Holly.

She works in the cubicle next to mine, so I get to hear about things.

Friday, March 07, 2008


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I bought a print at kitchen's ink, art gallery and tattoos, 757 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO

The print was Delia 07 by Trevor Alyn,

This is Delia, the model, and she's looking lovely but different from the photo I purchased. Too bad I only had my point and shoot camera.

Also tonight, which of course is the first Friday art walk, I ran into Daud and the art bus, Ms. Terious, Nat the bat, and Valerie. The steel shop and location of many fire sculptures and dj shows on 8th and santa fe was still open, to my surprise. Next month they should still have shows but it will be a gallery and not a steel fabricating studio.
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