Sunday, January 20, 2008

ESM Holiday Party 2007 (2008)

ESM Holiday Party 2007 (2008)
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We have a really late holiday party at my company (January 19th). Here's Lynne and Sophia doing some kind of dancing.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Geeks Who Drink

I went and played trivia last night with some classmates from DU's library program. We won.

Here's the blog entry from the group that runs the trivia at

I look weird, like I have a sweaty big brain or something. I don't know what was wrong with me. I didn't even get any questions right.

And in 1st place, newbies The Organization. They mentioned something about being librarians. They are smart.



The Organization                 71 
Occam's Razor 65( + 1 )
That Burning Sensation 65
Brat Pack 64
Still Sore From the Stock Show 64
Merle Funk Effect 61
Flogged Infidels 56
Handsome, But Not Too Bright 55 54
Satan's Pets 54
"I'll Take The Rapists for 200, Alex" 47
Elvis 27

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Get your own Mclovin ID

Been there, done that, loved it!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Projector Light

Projector Light
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New Years morning I eventually made it to the Bubbledubdub party on 3330 Larimer St. in Denver. I was so tired from moving all weekend and sick with some nasty sinus cold thing, that I didn't do much partying. I did see Valerie and Ryan as well as Leaf and other burners. Some burner guy was giving out beers with red bull in them, which is a horrible waste of shitty beer. Red bull y vodka however = happy times, although Valerie said it was bad for you. Tell that to Ibiza!

So the party was named with the bubbles because of some inflatables from liquidluxworks. While a cool idea, and maybe a cool thing to touch if you were on massive trippy hipno drugs, I wasn't and couldn't even find the inspiration to take a photo of them. The other room was the steampunk / industrial area. There the decorations consisted of the paper with a victorian sort of logo with a gear in it, some plastic candle holders, and a plast tubing made to look like brass tubing that had no function sculpture. The one cool art piece was a rose lamp thing, but it wasn't photogenic. I think the decorations would have been better if instead of decorating they just held it in a basement with an old boiler.

In both rooms though there were projectors and cool suspended screens, and I do like projectors and light beams.
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