Sunday, September 23, 2007

Confluence Park Fire Spinners

Stephiniti Illuminated
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Every Sunday night at Confluence Park in Denver (behind the REI on the Platte River) fire spinners practice their stuff, and a drum circle beats out a rhythm. You can see people breath fire and spin poi, staffs, darts, and their own creations.

Here ~dragon~ spins his dragon's tail behind stephiniti

They even got on the news and on cnn video.

Here's my flickr photo set so far.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sheik in the Dessert

Sheik in the Dessert
Originally uploaded by gamp
This is pretty much where my day at burning man started, at the moonshine lounge. From here I walked across the playa, viewing art and continuing to drink moonshine. I stopped by the black rock glacier - moved some steel for Ehron, was apparently the last person so see the sculpture before it was removed for unknown reasons, then was picked up by the double decker articulated bus - where I danced my way back to town. Lots of dancing, some washing at the carcass wash, then I passed out - way to dehydrated. Should have gone and gotten an IV - ended up being a bad night with a headache and other bad signs. Fun day though.
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