Saturday, March 19, 2011

March snow

There was some snow on the ground on Friday morning. By noon, it was gone.

Snowshoe Adventure

Snowshoeing on March 12th up Jones Pass

snow cat


my snowshoes
also I saw storm troopers in a st patricks day parade

Endomondo Hiking Workout: "was out hiking 2.27 miles in 1h:57m:25s using Endomondo."

Biking around an industrial area.

Today I ecided to go for a bike ride. First I wanted to see if there was a good way I could bike to work, but then I shifted to exploring wareouse areas, landmarks, and lightrail construction.
Looks like where the lightrail witch will be installed

Camp Weld Placard - at 8th and Vallejo St, Denver

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